Giorgio Bertolone
Lead Developer

After many years in VFX, I discovered the real-time magic of game engines so I switched to indie game development. I now do programming and other technical stuff for Tale Tapper. I code that magic fueled by espressos and liquorice candies. Occasionally by Ballmer Peak. If I'm not at my computer it's because my code is compiling.

Myung Kim

I created The Odyssey Creative Labs in 2008 and the idea was to work with talented artists and quality projects. Tale Tapper is exactly what this company is about, a small group of people accomplishing big things. My job is to give these guys next to me tight schedules followed by dirty looks and mellow them out with occasional beers.

Derek Babchishin
Lead Designer

With 10 years in film and games, I joined to take on a project of our own. We started with a small story and developed it into an entire world. I worked to fit all the pieces together into a mobile game and create characters that you will be able to follow throughout this adventure and our following games.